AAA Elections and New Board Members

The new board of the US-Educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association (AAA) was elected in the General Assembly of AAA on March 15, 2014.

84 alumni of different US Department of State funded programs participated and voted in the Board Elections, ten of which voted online. 17 alumni were selected to the board.

One alumni from each of the US Department of State funded programs and two persons from FLEX (Future Leaders Exchange Program), Edmund S. Muskie and UGRAD (University Exchange) programs are represented in the Board.

The decisions in the Board meetings are adopted by a simple majority of votes. The term of the Board is two years. The meetings of the Board are chaired by the Chair of the Union and the current activities of the Union are managed by the Chair of the Union. The Chair of the Union is elected by the Board for a period of two years in a confidential voting (with the right of re-election not more than twice). The Chair reports to the Board on his/her activities.

Congratulations to all the new board members!

AAA’s new Board Members:

Aliyar Huseynov (2)

SUSI – Aliyar Huseynov



Elvin Nasibov

YLP- Elvin Nasibov








Farid Ismayilzade

IVLP- Farid Ismayilzada







Vali Huseynov

Fulbright Masters Student- Vali Huseynov



Aynura Piriyeva

UGRAD-Aynura Piriyeva







Gubad Ibadoglu

JFDP – Gubad Ibadoglu


Hokuma babayeva - Copy

UGRAD- Hokuma Babayeva Kerimova



Jeyhun Atayev - Copy

Humphrey- Jeyhun Atayev


Leyla Mammadli (2) - Copy

FLEX – Leyla Mammadli


Dilara Bunyatova

TEA – Dilara Bunyatova

Nurin Hasanov

FLEX – Nurin Hasanov

Rovshan Abbasov

Fulbright Visiting Scholar – Rovshan Abbasov

Rovshan Najafov

Open World – Rovshan Najafov




Shamsiyya Mustafayeva

Edmund S. Muskie – Shamsiyya Mustafayeva





Turab Teymurov

Benjamin Franklin – Turab Teymurov

Tural Salamov

Community Connections – Tural Salamov







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